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C2800 FAQ


Board Specific Issues


1.1 Which external emulator/Code Composer versions can be used together?
DSKs come bundled with a special version of Code Composer that only works with the on-board JTAG emulator. Some rules of thumb are:

  1. The full version of Code Composer can make use of either the on-board JTAG emulator or an external emulator. The DSK version of Code Composer will only work with the on-board JTAG emulator.
  2. You cannot use the on-board emulator to debug a non-DSK target.
  3. An external JTAG emulator will only work with the full version of Code Composer.

If you are designing your own hardware you will need the full version of Code Composer as well as an external JTAG emulator. Spectrum Digital offers its XDS510 USB JTAG Emulator as a direct replacement for DSK users looking to upgrade to an external emulator, other emulators are available from Texas Instruments and other vendors.

1.2 Does the CCS 3.1 DSK Tools version of CCS support Windows Vista?
No. Support under Vista is not available using Code Composer Studio 3.1. Vista support did not became available until the release of Code Composer Studio 3.3. The most current release of DSK Tools for the c2000 eZdsps is CCS 3.1. (exception is the F28335 eZdsp, which is shipped with CCS 3.3 DSK Tools.)

1.3 Can I use my eZdsp board with the Full License of CCS?
Yes. The full license of Code Composer Studio may be used with the eZdsp board through the embedded emulation or through an external JTAG emulator. Once the full license of CCS has been installed, then the corresponding Spectrum Digital emulation driver installation will have to be run. The emulation driver installation will install the drivers and Configuration files for our external JTAG emulators as well as the embedded emulation found on the DSK and eZdsp boards. Emulation driver installations maybe found on our website at Spectrum Digital Support.

Board Specific Issues

2.1 Do I need a JTAG Emulator for Debug of the eZdsp boards?
JTAG emulation is required for debug support using Code Composer Studio.
JTAG emulation also allows flash programming of the C2000 devices.

eZdsp boards from Spectrum Digital have on-board JTAG Emulation. The on-board JTAG Emulation allows direct connection between the computer and eZdsp board via parallel port or USB, depending on the eZdsp board being used.

Evaluation Modules(EVMs) do not have on-board JTAG emulation and will an external JTAG Emulator to connect via the standard 14-pin JTAG header. Spectrum Digital develops, manufactures, and sells JTAG emulator. Details about our JTAG emulators can be found at:

2.2 What is the Difference between and Evaluation Module and eZdsp board?
Evaluation modules(EVMs) offer greater peripheral support on board. The EVM may have a serial port, CAN interface,LEDs, RAM, etc... that the eZdsp boards do not have. Althought the eZdsp boards are limited in the on-board peripherals, both boards have expansion headers that allow the user to interface their own logic to the DSP.

The eZdsp boards have one feature that the EVM board does not. The eZdsp has on-board JTAG Emulation. The on-board emulator allows the user to perform JTAG Debug and flash programming without the need of an external JTAG Emulator. The on-board emulation interfaces with the PC via parallel port or USB interface.

2.3 Do Spectrum Digital Boards Support Flash Programming?
Spectrum Digital Evaluation Modules(EVMs) and eZdsp boards for the C2000 family of DSPs allow flash programming. The SDFlash utility or the flash programming plug-in for Code Composer Studio allows flash programming of the C2000 DSP's on-chip flash via JTAG. The eZdsp boards have on-board JTAG emulation which interfaces to the PC via parallel port or USB. The EVM boards require an external JTAG emulator for Debug and flash programming capability.

The SDFlash utility can be downloaded from the Spectrum Digital website. Please go to "" for details about the SDFlash. The plug-in for Code Composer Studio can be downloaded from the Texas Instruments website,

2.4 Will Spectrum Digtal boards run stand alone or execute out of Flash?
The eZdsps and EVM boards have jumpers on board to allow the chip to be put into Microcontroller or Microprocessor mode. This allows the user to develop out of RAM or when ready, program the flash and allow the part to execute out of Flash.

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